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What does Anti-Twist mean?

Prior to raw denim undergoing sanforization in the finishing process, it’s natural tendency to twist in the direction of the diagonal twill weave is corrected.

Heddels explains Anti-Twist

Denim’s pattern is known as a twill weave, in which blue and white cotton yarns are interwoven.  As denim was cut along the selvedge and woven diagonally and (traditionally) were unsanforized (not pre-shrunk), the legs would twist substantially when washed.  The resulting effect would be an angled seam being shifted to the front of the pants.

Thus, raw denim is anti-twisted (or skewed) to prevent this effect.

Additional Resources

An example of intentionally twisted G-Star raw denim (source: tradepar.co.uk)

G-Star Twisted Raw Denim