Broken Twill

What does Broken Twill mean?

Compared to Left Hand Twill and Right Hand Twill, broken twill is when the diagonal weave of the twill is intentionally reversed at every two warp ends to form a random design. As a result, the natural torque characteristic of regular twill weaves is reduced, eliminating the leg twist effect.

Heddels explains Broken Twill

Up until the mid 1960’s, denim was woven towards the left or right hand side (hence “left hand twill” and “right hand twill”) causing the denim legs to literally twist after being washed.

Enter Wrangler – in their 13MWZ model, they applied a broken twill, whereby the weave alternates in no consistent direction and alternates to the left and right.  When looked at closely, the denim has a zig-zag like pattern.

Additional Resources

Close-up of Wrangler 13MWZ broken twill:

Raw Denim Term - Broken Twill