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Dual Ring-Spun

What does Dual Ring-Spun mean?

Also known as “ring x ring”, dual ring-spun is a denim weave whereby both the warp and the weft threads are made of ring-spun yarn. The result is a much softer and textured hand than both open-end and regular ring-spun denim.

Heddels explains Dual Ring-Spun

Dual-ring spun, or ring-ring, denim is created from ring-spun yarn, a type of yarn created by rolling rather than pressing the fibers into shape. It has an uneven look and feel and is considered more valuable and unique than open end denim.

Dual ring-spun denim differs from ring-spun denim in that the ring-spun yarn is used for both the warp and weft during the weaving process rather than just the warp threads. It is the most expensive choice out of dual ring-spun, ring-spun, and open end denim.

Additional Resources

Close-up snapshot of dual ring-spun Edwin Zen Gray Selvedge denim:

Raw Denim Term - Dual Ring-Spun

Source: edwin-europe.com