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Garment Dye

What does Garment Dye mean?

As opposed to a yarn dye, which takes place prior to the weaving of yarn, garment dye is a dyeing process performed on finished garments. One telltale way of spotting garment dye is if you see pocket linings or labels that look the same colour as the self-fabric.

Heddels explains Garment Dye

Also called “just in time dyeing”, garment dyeing allows companies to quickly create custom garments and respond quickly to demands for a specific color.

Garment dyed clothes are also pre-shrunk in the dyeing process, and tend to have a softer, cuddlier feel to them.

Additional Resources

Garment dyeing machines:

Raw Denim Term - Garment Dye

Source:  sunrise-prints.com

Garment dyeing by hand:

Raw Denim Term - Garment Dye

Source: unknownartifact.com