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Hank Dyeing

What does Hank Dyeing mean?

A very unique dyeing process in which colour penetration is maximized and the yarns retain a softer, loftier feel.

Heddels explains Hank Dyeing

Hank dyeing is a simple but time-consuming process. First, the skein of yarn is looped over a hook and washed in water, opening the fibers to receive the dye. It is then dipped into the dye for up to forty-eight hours, washed, and redipped. This procedure is repeated several times.

Once the desired color is achieved, the yarn is steamed to fix the dye to the fibers. Because it does not use as many chemicals as other forms of dyeing, hank dyeing is less damaging to the material. The final dye colors are also usually richer than those achieved by other dyeing methods.

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Source:  asahi-kasei.co.jp