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What does Nylon mean?

A synthetic fibre invented by DuPont originally used for hosiery, it currently has many applications. As it is naturally water repellent, easy to dye, and very strong, nylon has replaced cotton in many industrial uses like bags and flags and is very popular for use in the outerwear apparel industry. However, nylon has a poor absorbency.

Heddels explains Nylon

First created by Wallace Carothers at DuPont in 1935, nylon was developed as a substitute for silk.  It is one of the strongest man made fibers and is valued not only for its high tensile strength but also for its light weight and durability.

During World War II, parachutes and ropes were made out of nylon due to its ability to endure extreme conditions.

Additional Resources

A visual of multi-coloured nylon:

Raw Denim Term - Nylon

Source:  raggedmountain.com