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Plain Weave

What does Plain Weave mean?

The most common fabric weave whereby the filling yarn passes over and under each warp yarn in alternating rows.

Heddels explains Plain Weave

Plain weave, also called tabby weave or linen weave, is one of the most basic methods to manufacture cloth and produces a strong, flat fabric. By varying the tension of the threads during the weaving process, companies are able to produce a looser or tighter woven fabric.

The weight of the yarn also affects the outcome of the fabric. Thick yarns create heavier, stronger fabrics, while thin yarns produce lighter, more breathable fabrics. Basket weave and ribbed weave are both variations of plain weave.

Additional Resources

Diagram of plain weave:

Raw Denim Term - Plain Weave

Source:  orientalrugcleaning.com

Plain weave cloth:

Raw Denim Term - Plain Weave

Source: gilt.com