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Polyester (PES)

What does Polyester (PES) mean?

A type of fibre known for it’s strength, dye affinity and high luster. Polyester is derived from coal, air, water and oil. Polyester is well known for being blended with cotton to create a fabric (polyester-cotton blend) that is used in many different materials today including denim.

Heddels explains Polyester (PES)

Originally called Terylene, polyester was first discovered by the British company ICI in 1941. It is produced from petroleum by-products such as PET, and can even be created from recyclable materials such as soda bottles(polar fleece is produced in this way). Polyester is the most popular synthetic fiber in the world and is often used in blends to increase a fabric’s strength, durability, wrinkle resistance, and water resistance. Jean manufacturers sometimes use polyester instead of spandex to make their denim stretchier.

Additional Resources

Here is an example of polyester fiber:

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Here is an example of polyester used in a polyester-cotton blend denim:

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