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Raised Belt Loops

What does Raised Belt Loops mean?

Raised Belt Loops refers to a vertical ridge that’s positioned in the middle of a belt loop on a pair of denim jeans.

Heddels explains Raised Belt Loops

Although it may not be the most obvious of details at first glance, Raised Belt Loops are admired by denim enthusiasts and only become more apparent as the denim is worn in. The easiest way to detect them is by running one’s finger along the belt loops: if you feel a bump in the center, then the jean has Raised Belt Loops.

Some argue that Raised Belt Loops are usually only found on Japanese raw selvedge denim brands, but we haven’t found there to be any pattern. Case in point, the Left Field NYC 18oz. Collect Mills Chelsea raw denim below, which does utilize Japanese denim but is made in the USA.

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The first picture below showcases an example of a faded Raised Belt Loop, while the second image shows a regular (not raised) belt loop.


Raised belt loop on a pair of Left Field NYC 18oz. Collect Mills Chelsea raw denim jeans after 1.5 years of wear.


Contrasted with the above example, the belt loops on these A.P.C. New Standards are flat with no pronounced ridge in the middle.