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What does Vintage mean?

A type of jeans that are marked by either being old and previously worn or have been unworn but old in their original state.

Heddels explains Vintage

Since the late 1980s, the market for vintage jeans has soared. Collectors will scour thrift stores and flea markets for rare authentic finds that can be worth up to thousands of dollars. Vintage jeans will usually be made of selvage denim and have a slightly irregular look to the material. Some of the most sought-after vintage jeans are Levi’s, Lees, and Wranglers. Each brand has recognizable characteristics to look for when searching for valuable vintage jeans. For example, “Big E” Levi’s will have a selvage with a red line, a red tag with a big E instead of a small one in the word LEVI’S, and lemon colored stitching.

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Here is an example of vintage jeans:

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