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Yarn Count

What does (Yarn) Count mean?

The size of yarn is defined by its weight and fineness. You may have:

  • Tex=No. of grams per kilometre
  • English Cotton Count = No. of 840 yd lengths per lb
  • Woollen Count (YSW) = No. of 256 yd lengths per lb
  • Woollen Count (Dewsbury) = No. of yard lengths per oz
  • Worsted Count = No. of 560 yd lengths per lb
  • Metric Count = No. of kilometres per kilogram
  • Linen Count (Wet Spun) = No. of 300 yd. length per lb
  • Jute Count = No. of lb per 14.400 yd
  • Denier = No. of grams per 9.000 metres
  • Decitex = No. of grams per 10.000 metres.

Heddels explains (Yarn) Count

Yarn count refers to the thickness of a yarn and is determined by its mass per unit length. It is usually measured by the number of grams per one kilometer of yarn, a unit of measure called “Tex”.

However, the spinning industry tends to use English cotton count, which is determined by the number of yarn hanks (each 840 yards long) per pound of yarn, and is notated “Ne”.

In this system, the larger the number the finer the yarn and vice versa. The yarn count for denim ranges from Ne 4.0 to Ne 12.5, with lighter weight fabrics such as chambray ranging from Ne 12.5 to Ne 30.0.

Additional Resources

Yarn count conversion chart:

Raw Denim Term - Yarn Count

Source:  squidoo.com