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  1. What Japanese companies, besides Flat Head, make raw denim overalls?
  2. How do I know what size I should buy in Levi’s Shrink-to-Fit (STF)?
  3. What’s a good value Japanese denim brand that one can get in Tokyo?
  4. I’m interested in Iron Heart’s 21oz. denim jacket. Is this a very heavy denim? How long does such a jacket take to break in? Or is 21oz. already pretty comfortable, though stiff?
  5. Can you recommend a few brands of selvedge jeans with a relaxed fit?
  6. Would you recommend anyone for “knit denim”?
  7. Does Studio D’Artisan have an English website and ship to the US?
  8. Is A.P.C.’s permanent denim collection made with Japanese denim?
  9. Is there any decent denim out there for people who are bigger than a 36″-38″ waist?
  10. Could you recommend any jeans for guys with big thighs?
  11. I just bought a new pair of pants and one leg was somehow a bit tighter than the other. Is this normal?
  12. Why does sizing change with clothing every season?
  13. Do you have any recommendations for companies that make 30″ inseam jeans?
  14. Could you recommend a bespoke, custom denim jeans or jacket maker?
  15. What does shrink and stretch in denim sizing refer to?
  16. What denim brands are based and manufacture in England?
  17. Do you know how I can buy clothing from the brand, Workers Japan?
  18. How do I buy from Roy’s website?
  19. Where can I find an affordable pair of custom jeans?
  20. I’m trying to decide between Rogue Territory SKs and 3sixteen ST-100x. I’m NOT a big fan of slub in my denim. Any advice on which of these is the least slubby? Or other suggestions in that price range?
  21. Does “waist size” listed reflect the actual measurement now or what the jeans will stretch to?
  22. What is a pair of raw selvedge denim that fits similar to Levi 511s, has no crazy stitching, and fades with great contrast?
  23. What is the difference between the LVC 606 and LVC 605?
  24. Besides the 501, does Levi’s offer shrink-to-fit jeans in any other models?
  25. My Haviannas keep busting, do you have any recommendations for some sweet flip flops?
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