Fade Friday – My 5 Year Old A.P.C. New Standard

This week’s Fade Friday features yours truly and my first ever pair of raw denim, A.P.C. New Standard.  Before coming across these, I had no idea what raw denim was all about.  I think my exact initial thoughts were, “people actually like wearing this cardboard shit?”.   Soon enough, my curiosity was piqued and after a bit of research and asking around, I got a better sense of the value, process, etc.  Little did I know though what I was getting myself into…

I’ve yet to personally try a lot of the raw denim out there (from Tellason and Roy to Samurai and Imperial) but thus far I can’t say enough good things about A.P.C. (see our post – “A.P.C. Raw Denim – Best In Value?”).  If you want to be nit picky about it, some sections didn’t quite turn out the way as good as they could have, like the the honeycombs (i.e. fades behind the knees).  Overall though, this denim is by far the most comfortable pants/jeans/etc. I’ve ever owned and have served me well.


  • A.P.C. New Standard
  • 12 Oz. Raw Denim
  • Slim Fitting (size 1-2 down)
  • 5 years old, ~8-10 washes










Have any of you had a similar experience with your A.P.C. or another label?  Whether you have or haven’t, let us know via the comments below.