5 Natural Leather Belts That Complement Raw Denim

As a follow up to our previous feature, “7 Leather Boots That Complement Raw Denim“, we would like to present five natural leather belts that also pair and age beautifully alongside your favorite pair of raw denim.

People often enter the raw denim world when they become exhausted with tacky, factory finished jeans. They long for a more authentic denim experience that can only be achieved through purchasing a pair of raw, unwashed jeans and breaking them in over time.

Natural leather belts are the equivalent of that process. They come either unfinished, or lightly tanned with no artificial finishing. As time progresses, the belt will darken as it comes into contact with indigo, dirt, sunlight, and natural oils. What is left is not unlike a pair of well-worn raw denim jeans, a piece that is unique to the wearer.

1. Corter Utility Belt

Corter Utility Belt

Corter Leather is the one-man leather operation run by Eric Heins. Every Piece is made by him, in his apartment, in Boston, Massachusetts. Having had personal experience with this specific belt, I can attest to the quality of Corter’s products, as well as the outstanding customer service that Eric provides.

The belt is extremely thick, and the hardware is just as tough. At $55.00 this belt is of fantastic value, and is sure to stand the test of time. It is made from 12 – 14 Oz. leather and is hand cut to 1.5″ wide. Available at: Discontinued.

2. Rogue Territory Hand Tacked Natural Belt

Rogue Territory Natural Belt

Rogue Territory, previously solely known for their outstanding denim, recently began producing their own belts. These belts are painstakingly crafted from 10 Oz. natural leather and finished with a solid brass roller buckle.

As with their denim lines, these belts are made in California and are sure to be of a high quality. They are 1.5″ wide. Available at: Rogue Territory for $102.

3. Tanner Goods Standard Belt in Natural

Tanner Goods Standard Belt

For those looking for indestructible construction, with a slightly more refined finish, look no further than Tanner Goods Standard Belt. This belt is made from 10-11oz vegetable tanned leather and features a variety of different hardware finishes, from standard chrome to black.

The edges of the belt are dyed, burnished, and waxed by hand for a more finished feel. This belt is 1.5″ wide, but is also available in a slim version. Available at: Tanner Goods for $105.00.

4. Barret Alley Citizen’s Arrest Belt

Citizens Arrest Natural BeltNot only does the hand forged iron buckle make this belt unique, but as the name suggests, this belt is equipped with an extra set of holes for “citizen’s arrests”. Though it may not actually be used for impromptu arrests, it’s another fantastic option for those looking to make a foray into the natural leather belt market.

This belt features 10 Oz. vegetable tanned cowhide and is hand stitched in Texas. Add on the lifetime warranty that Barrett Alley backs its products with and you are sure to have this belt for a while. Available at: Barrett Alley for $150.00.

5. Iron Heart Super Tan Belt

Iron Heart Super Tan

As with most things Iron Heart, this belt is heavy duty in every way. The 100% brass buckle and the 45mm thick cowhide used to make the belt promise longevity.

Despite being extremely thick, this belt is still comfortable, will break in nicely and age for years, only looking better throughout the process. Available at: Discontinued.