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5 Raw Denim Under $100 – Part 1/2

In our never ending raw denim journey, we always encounter those handful of people wondering what raw denim they can pick up for dirt cheap.  Unfortunately, unless you’re able to score a bargain on eBay, it’s pretty difficult to find a high quality pair of raw denim at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Especially when considering the amazing products put out by the one-man shows like ROY and Ande Whall, eco-friendly Sugar Cane & Co., or mad scientists Naked & Famous, one could argue that you just won’t get the same quality by cheaping out. Fortunately, some more inexpensive alternatives have emerged in recent years

So without further adieu (and in no particular), Part 1/2 of 5 Raw Denim Labels Under $100:

1. Levi’s –  $55.00 USD and up


You can’t talk about affordable and reliable raw denim without making mention of the denim mammoth, Levi’s.  Don’t forget this brand has been around for over 150 years and your dad, grandpa, and great grandpa probably wore them (and for good reason too). Check out the their Slim Straight 514 Raw Headbangers and renowned “Rigid” (Levi’s way of saying raw/dry) 501 Shrink-To-Fit.

2. Unbranded – Approximately $80.00 USD and up

Say what you want about Unbranded (see our previous article – “My PoV on Unbranded – Don’t Like Them? Then Don’t Wear!“), but the Naked & Famous gang were on to something when they launched this denim line.  Cut from rope-dyed, selvedge raw Japanese denim, Unbranded carries a heavier weight at 14.5oz in three different fits – skinny, slim straight, and tapered. Check out John Marcelo‘s Unbranded journey for further proof.

3. Cheap Monday – Approximately $65.00 USD and up

Cheap Monday Raw Denim

Launched in 2000 in Sweden as a second-hand store, Cheap Monday’s progress has come in leaps and bounds (e.g. they’re now majority owned by H&M).  However, one thing that has never changed about the brand is that they’ve always kept their prices very, very low.  Guess they really meant it when they decided to go with the name, “Cheap Monday”.

4. Uniqlo – Approximately $80.00 USD

Typically known for their variety of graphic t’s and basic wear, Japanese retailer Uniqlo provides a slick option with their raw selvedge denim.  It may be harder to come by now (originally released in 2009), two models are available – Slim Regular Fit and Straight Regular Fit.

For further reading, check out Vagrant Sneaker’s post

5. Benny Gold – $99.00 USD

Last but not least, San Francisco-based Benny Gold‘s Gold Standard Raw Denim is in their words, “not too baggy and not too slim”.  Weighing in at 13.5 Oz and sourced from the USA, this denim has a lot to offer for a decent price.  Keep an eye out for Benny Gold’s next raw denim drop too.

For more info, check the product description.

Have a recommendation for another raw denim out there under $100.00?  Let us know via comments below!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Part 2/2 of “5 Raw Denim Under $100!

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