Naked & Famous Indigo Weird Guy Paper For Hypebeast

Canadian denim brand, Naked & Famous, continues to further their well-sustained reputation as one of the most innovative denim brands in today’s market. Just over two weeks ago, the Montreal-based brand released the Indigo Weird Guy Paper jeans made exclusively for online fashion hub, Hypebeast.

Based upon some mixed feedback on previous N&F collaborations, we know some of you may be skeptical of this model. You may be not only questioning what paper has anything to do with raw denim, but also how this denim is really different from their standard Weird Guy Indigo.

While we’ll ultimately leave the latter for you to decide, after some research we discovered the collab simply takes its name from the material it’s constructed of. In order to promote eco-friendly and ethical production, Naked & Famous utilized a paper denim composed of a weave of paper, fibre and resin.

Naked & Famous Indigo Weird Guy Paper

Front & Back Fit

Whilst we’re still unsure how this weave will wear, fade or stand the test of time, one thing that we are sure of is that N&F is still exploring foreign territories and pushing their own creative boundaries.

Laid Flat, Patch - N&F Indigo Weird Guy Paper For Hypebeast

Laid Flat, Patch – N&F Indigo Weird Guy Paper For Hypebeast

For those unfamiliar with N&F‘s fit, the denim boasts their signature Weird Guy cut, or a variation of a regular tapered fit. Built with a little more room in the top block for comfort, it also has a lower rise thus allowing the jeans to be worn lower on the hips.


  • Name: Naked & Famous Indigo Weird Guy Paper
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Denim: Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • Further Details:
    • Eco-friendly construction
    • Visible selvedge detail on coin pocket
  • Available at: Hypebeast for $198.00 USD