Denime 25th Anniversary Raw Denim – Just Released

Commemorative models are quite common among Japanese denim brands, many of whom have been around long enough to celebrate their tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth birthdays. But often such collaborative jeans are more like collector’s items than practical, everyday pairs. They tend to feature unusual stitches, hardware, and colors that sound good in theory, but don’t necessarily lend themselves to daily use.

Denime is one of the godfathers of the Japanese vintage repro denim scene. One of the Osaka Five, the brand – founded by Yoshiyuki Hayashi – was among the first brands to deconstruct vintage Levi’s and other jeans, analyzing the details ranging from the weaving and dyeing process, to the composition of the hardware used.

To celebrate their milestone 25th anniversary, Denime has released a collaborative pair with some of the most intriguing specifications since Mr. Hayashi sold the company several years ago to start a new company, Resolute.

Denime has obviously not lost their touch for making jeans that will please the most meticulous fans, and this model should be enough to quickly silence any naysayers They feature a blend of vintage details that’s sure to please discerning denim fans and vintage enthusiasts alike, but even better, these jeans have a great balance of commemorative features and everyday utility.

The 25th Anniversary Model is inspired by the jeans of the 1960s, and is made with an exclusive, 15.5 Oz. unsanforized denim featuring a hairy, uneven surface and super-dark indigo dye reminiscent of the denim produced by Eternal and The Flat Head. They also feature several unique details, such as the V-shape separated from the top button, chain stitch runoff from the waistband, and deerskin leather patch.

In terms of fit, as they have a slightly lower rise than straight repro jeans and strongly tapered leg that’s faithful to the jeans’ sixties influence, they’re flexible enough to fit with a variety of different styles. Even though Mr. Hayashi has moved on, these jeans clearly live up to the brand’s legacy. Eschewing flashy features for subtle detail, these jeans are a great fit for the discerning hobbyist and new denim head alike.


  • Name: Denime 25th Anniversary Model
  • Weight: 15.5 Oz.
  • Fit: Tapered Straight
  • Denim: Unsanforized Japanese selvedge
  • Other Details:
    • Waistband chainstitch runoff
    • V stitch separated from top button
    • Deerskin patch
  • Available at: Vintage Paradise for 34,650 yen



Denime 25th Anniversary Raw Denim - Just Released

Fit - Denime 25th Anniversary Raw Denim

Front and Back - Denime 25th Anniversary Raw Denim

Front Back Closeup - Denime 25th Anniversary Raw Denim

Chain stitch run off, Coin pocket - Denime 25th Anniversary Raw Denim

Chain Stitch Hem - Denime 25th Anniversary Raw Denim