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Bluer Denim: Aiming To Arm You With The Perfect Fit

Oregon-based Bluer Denim have introduced themselves to the denim consuming world via this beautifully shot video, pointing out the services it provides which aim to stand above other competing made in the USA brands. The name of the brand comes from the Japanese saying “Bluer Than Indigo,” which means “the student has surpassed the master”.

Jeffrey Todd Shafer, whom also previously founded Agave Denim, and his team aim to take Bluer one step above; exclusively supporting American workers and American textile manufacturing as well as offering a home try-on system for their denim similar to the system made famous by eyewear maker, Warby Parker.

Bluer Denim Stack

Similar to the eyewear company, Bluer will ship the customer any three pairs of jeans for free. After the customer receives them, he/she has 7 days to decide which (if any) fit and colours you would like to keep. Return shipping is also free, and the brand will only charge for what is held onto by the wearer. For selvedge denim fans, the countless forum threads about sizing and measurements is adequate validation for this kind of business model.

Bluer Denim Jawnz

Besides the try-on program, Bluer also offers a “Buy One, Give One” solution for getting rid of old denim. Any time a customer buys a pair of their denim, the company will accept a donated pair of jeans with free shipping. After they receive an item in good condition, they sanitize the pair, donate them to charity, and give the customer a $5 credit usable for their next purchase. While $5 may not seem like much, you can send a few pairs to get a more sizeable discount.

Bluer Denim - Made in America

Transparency is an important point for the brand’s message with all sourcing and materials used for their jeans advertised openly. The denim itself has a range of fits for both men and women in their 12.75 oz. 1776 raw selvedge from the well-known Cone Mills White Oak in North Carolina. The other non-selvedge denim used for the washed offerings is the 12 oz. Tate. To learn a little more about the Bluer brand, check out the video above visit their site.

USA Made

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