Introducing Oyuki Denim – Japanese Raw Selvedge Denim For Kids

Selvedge and raw denim have exploded in popularity over the past few years, but they first started to hit the states in the early 2000’s. Chances are, by now, that a healthy segment of the raw denim buying population, whether new converts or old heads, probably have a kid or two and would probably like nothing more than to outfit their tots in a pair of selvedge, raw denim. Thankfully, Guido Kerssens, a lectures coordinator at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, saw this need and created Oyuki Denim for the smallest raw denim enthusiasts.


The idea for Oyuki came to Kerssens during a tour of the Momotaro production facility in Kojima. Kerssen’s nine-year-old daughter, Oyunaa, a budding raw fan herself, was along for the tour. “She was really hooked about the product and at the end of the tour when we visited the store, she found ‘her’ Jeans. But, in my opinion, the price was way too high for a kids jean,” Kerssens wrote in an email.  “I promised her to make her her own jeans.”


Kerssens went home and focused his 25 years of experience in the denim market on making an affordable, fashionable, selvedge denim for kids. Kerssens experimented with different fits and fabrics before settling on a straight fit with selvedge detailing on the back pocket. Kerssens found a production facility with experience working with Tommy Hilfiger, Zara and H&M in Turkey to make the jeans.

“I got really lucky with this because I visited that company for 10 years with my 2nd year students on a production excursion. They liked the Oyuki Denim concept so much, they made an exception for this very small production.”


Oyuki, which is a combination of his daughter and wife’s names, will only be a line for kids Kerssens said; even though several adults have asked for their own pair.

Currently, Oyuki is available in a 13 Oz. indigo dyed, orange selvedge, stretch denim for kids 8 to 12-years-old (sizes 140 – 158 which translates to sizes 10 through 13 in American sizing). The rivets and buttons are YKK and the jeans feature an embossed leather patch. A quote from Oyunna herself, “I’m not a Boy, I’m not a girl, I’m just a child OYUKI DENIM” is printed on the left inside pocket.

Oyuki Denim, which costs €89.00, can be ordered directly from Kerssens at [email protected] or by visiting their facebook.