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Japan Blue Bear Photoshops – Vote for Your Favorite and Win

Alright, our seven days are up and we received nearly a hundred original submissions for our Japan Blue Denim Bear and Momotaro Banner Photoshop Contest. For those unaware or with short memories, last week we challenged our readers to doctor a Japan Blue Teddy Bear into an image of their choosing.

We picked our favorite submissions (originally three, but there were so many great ones we expanded to five) and now it’s time for you to crown our photoshop king and the winner of a real JBJ teddy bear. Make your pick below and one lucky voter will nab a Momotaro denim banner!

1. The Denim King – David Eunson


2. Imbearial Japan – Pritchapa Lotrakul


3. John Lennon and Denim Bear – Damian Barneschi


4. Denimbusters – Michael Smith


5. iBear – Xavier Jones


Make the selection for your favorite below and enter to win a Momotaro banner, note that signing up also puts you on our newsletter list, which you can unsubscribe from at any time. We will announce both winners one week from today.