Fade of the Day – Voyej Vessel III (6 Months)

Ah, leather goods. The aging process is certainly more subtle than a pair of raw denim, but that’s no reason to appreciate a well-loved leather accessory any less.Today’s Fade of the Day is a lesson on leather appreciation and shows us that leather wallets are more than just a shortcut to fast fades.

Nico Winata has been wearing in his Voyej Vessel III bifold wallet for 6 months and has seen a dramatic shift in color. It started out natural and undyed with more of a matte finish. Over the half year, it’s taken on a deep mahogany tone and has also developed a handsome luster. The range of tones might not be as intense as the many sick fadez out there, but it’s nice to develop a discerning eye for the little things.


  • Name: Voyej Vessel III
  • Material: American vegetable-tanned leather
  • Unique Features:
    • Natural artificial sinew thread
    • Hand-stitched
  • No longer available