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Heddels Extravagant Holiday Wish List 2015

We are only a week away from the Thanksgiving and the holiday season is already heavily upon us. I’m guessing if you look outside right now, you’ll probably see way too many strung lights, nog-flavored beverages, and, if you’re lucky, a few flakes of snow.

One thing that’s also inextricably tied to this season is gift giving. And if you’re reading this site, you are probably more difficult to shop for than most. Many of you read three blogs and two Japanese magazines just to buy socks, if you expect your friends and loved ones to do the same, you will probably be quite disappointed when the wrapping paper comes off.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of lust. A list of the things you wish someone would buy for you, but probably never will–they’re either too expensive, too obscure, or too weird for someone to ever even consider giving as a gift. But hey, we can dream!

Disruptive Pattern Material


If there is one book military clothing junkies dream about, it is Disruptive Pattern Material. This two-volume set contains pretty much everything there is to know about the development, science, and use behind camouflage. But how hard is it to get your hands on this book? There are five *used* copies available currently on Amazon, the cheapest of which is $507.

Available from $507 at Amazon.

New England Outerwear Lazy Moc


For those of you that thought the Birkenstock resurgence was a tad gauche, here’s something new to wrap your head around–the Made in Maine, crepe-soled, similarly silhouetted Lazy Moc from New England Outerwear. With the heart of a clog and the sole of a moccasin, these kicks will have you strolling around the house in style, comfort, and the smugness of ethical manufacturing.

Available for $244 at New England Outerwear.

Studio D’Artisan D1549 Salesman Jeans


If you can’t make up your mind on what kind of jeans you want, why not just get them all? This “Salesman” model from Studio D’Artisan might as well be called the “Sampler” as it combines five different kinds of denim into one jean:  left hand twill, right hand twill, heavyweight, lightweight, and natural indigo. Take them for a spin and see how they fade side by side!

Available for $209 at Denimio.

Buzz Rickson’s William Gibson Collection MA-1


Wanted by repro-otakus, sci-fi aficionados, and blog editors alike, the William Gibson MA-1 is the one piece of fictional clothing that may actually be cooler in real life than it was on the page. In Pattern Recognition, one of protagonist Cayce Pollard’s most prized possessions is an all black Buzz Rickson’s reproduction of the MA-1 flying jacket. Only problem was Rickson’s didn’t make such a jacket, so after numerous fan letters to the company, they decided to team up with the author to create a collection based around it. That was over a decade ago but the cool of the Japanese take on this standard issue has far from worn off. Read more about it in our full interview with Mr. Gibson here.

Available for $695 at Self Edge.

PF Flyers x Tanner Goods Horween Center-Hi Sneakers


Much of the caterwauling justification for expensive shoes and boots is that they will “pay for themselves” by being resoled and recrafted year after year. Such an argument can’t be made for sneakers, specifically this sneaker, whose price tag edges out quite a few entry level Goodyear welted options. That said, this made in USA Center Hi from PF Flyers and Tanner Goods spares no expense with navy Horween leather and a hand stamped gold foil logo. This is a pair of shoes you only have to justify to yourself.

Available for $240 at PF Flyers.

Leffot Shell Cordovan Watch Straps


Shell Cordovan is considered by many to be the king of the leathers. It’s cut from the rear quarters of a horse where the pores are so dense that the leather does not buckle or wrinkle with normal wear. If it can hold up on your feet, it can do the same on your wrist. But beware, the price of these straps is far from proportional to the amount of leather in them.

Available for $225 from Leffot.

Inverallan 6A Shawl Collar Cardigan


I recently took up knitting and after learning how to cast on, stitch, and purl I spent the next couple weeks making a very sad looking lopsided scarf. Doing so, though, has given me nothing but the utmost appreciation for Inverallan sweaters, which are entirely knit by hand in Scotland. That’s over three pounds of wool that went through someone’s knitting needles only to find its way onto your back, just looking at it makes my fingers hurt. It’s an absolute bargain at any price in my book.

Available for $319 at End Clothing.

Teranishi Quarterly Subscription


What’s better than the gift of the unknown? Last holiday season, Washington state based leather brand Teranishi released a quarterly subscription program, which sends you a surprise new product every three months. Highlights from this year include veg-tanned leather slippers and the waxed denim tote bag above. It’s currently sold out, so you may have to keep your eye on the page for when next year’s crop opens back up.

Available for $225 at Teranishi.

Himel Bros. Deerskin Leather Jacket


Dave Himel has trouble finding repeat customers. And it’s not because his product is subpar, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Once you buy a Himel Bros. leather, chances are you’re set for life. This deerskin version of the Grizzly jacket is one such example, but it won’t stay this bright nude color for long. You’ll get a boatload of patina on this piece, but you (or someone very close to you) will have to forgo a couple months rent to afford it.

Available for $2,250 at Himel Bros.

Alden 403 Indy Boot


At some point or another, everyone who’s into this kind of clothing has either wanted an Alden Indy Boot or already bought one. The iconic workboot has graced the feet of carpenters, temple raiders, and everyone in between for the better part of a century. Slip your feet into a pair and learn what what the hype is all about.

Available for $522 at Unionmade

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Bing Crosby Tuxedo

bing crosby denim tuxedo

Truly the high brow of workwear, the Bing Crosby Tuxedo Jacket was Levi’s not so subtle rebuke to a denim-phobic 1950s culture. Bing was nearly turned away from a hotel for his choice of jeans, so Levi’s produced this denim tuxedo to show he was just as suitably dressed as the next guest. Levi’s archival team, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, reproduced the jacket and pant combo several seasons ago, but there are still a precious few floating around. Fair warning, this will set you back more than most regular tuxedos.

Available for $1800 at Brooklyn Denim Co.

What do you desperately want this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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