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Tube Knit T-Shirts – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

You already have your neppy denim jeans, sleek engineer boots, and loopwheeled hoodie, so why not complete your Heddels inspired outfit with a nice, tubular knitted t-shirt? Like the aforementioned loopwheeled hoodie, these t-shirts are tubular knitted so that they don’t have side seams, although that doesn’t mean all of these are loopwheeled.

However, anyone who has owned a tubular constructed t-shirt can attest to how comfortable they are, even if they aren’t loopwheeled. The lack of side seams may seem unimportant to some, but once you know the comfort of a tube knit tee you’ll know exactly why we’re so fond of them.

1) Velva Sheen: Crewneck Tee (2-Pack)


First up are Velva Sheen’s Classic Crewneck Tees, which have been an economic fan-favorite for a long while. They might not be as slim fitting as you are used to, but for those of you who appreciate more classically cut clothes, these tees are sure to impress. Their details are quite simplistic: heathered colorways, straight hemlines, and ribbed collars, but that’s all you need from a simple tee. And their 90% cotton/10% polyester fabric blend contains just enough synthetic material to make sure these shirts last without sacrificing comfort.

Available for $78 for two from Need Supply.

2) Left Field: Tube Pocketless Tee in Olive Drab (2-Pack)


Next up is one of Left Field’s 1950’s inspired Tube Tees, featured in olive drab, which is constructed from heavyweight 100% ringspun cotton. It features a 1950’s binded collar and, like all tube tees, no side seams. And for those of you who prefer a pocket, look no further — almost all of Left Field’s tees are offered both pocketed and pocketless.

Available for $34 from Left Field.

3) Lady White: Our White T-Shirt (2-Pack)


When it comes to Lady White‘s tees it isn’t what you can see, but what you can’t see, that makes them special — and I don’t just mean their lack of side seams! From the cotton to the fabric to the construction and packaging, these tees are entirely from the USA. “Made in the USA” has become a buzzword of sorts, and doesn’t really mean much these days; as long as the final construction is completed in the US, companies feel justified in claiming their clothing is made in the USA, which is why it’s refreshing to see a company fully produce their products domestically.

Available for $90 from Self Edge.

4) Mister Freedom: Skivvy T-Shirt


I know a lot of people harbor ill feelings toward Mister Freedom but when it comes to historically accurate repros they’re just hard to beat. Their Skivvy Tee is an accurate reproduction of tees issued by the United States Marine Corps in the 1940’s/1950’s. In addition to its tubular construction, it features unbleached cotton and open end yarn, and comes in white, sage, and navy colorways.

Available for $70 from Mister Freedom.

5) Naked and Famous: Circular Knit T-Shirt


Sure, Naked and Famous might be known for their denim, but that doesn’t mean their other products aren’t just as great. Not only are their tee shirts free of side-seams, but even the collar is seamless, which can’t be said for many other circular t-shirts on the market. Each tee is meticulously crafted in Montreal’s Garment District, so you can be sure the attention to detail is high.

Available for $38 from Tate & Yoko.

Plus One – Tender Co: Type 351 Scoop Neck Tee Shirt


Anyone who has paid attention to my previous articles (or talked to me about clothes for more the five minutes) knows that I love Tender Co. The interesting details put into each of their garments keeps me coming back, and their Type 351 Scoop Neck Tee is a great example of why. Most circular knit tees don’t have side-seams, but Tender does something slightly different. Rather than keep the sides seamless, they rotate the fabric tubes 90 degrees and make the shoulders seamless. Not only is this construction incredibly comfortable, but it helps the shirt to drape just how it is intended to. The pictured colorways is the Hand Striped Black Logwood Interlock, but nearly a dozen variants are currently available.

Available for £71 from Tender Stores.

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