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Asics Gel Sight Selvedge Denim Running Shoe

Selvedge denim sneakers seem to be popping up more and more frequently these days, but it’s not every day that you can find them from a major running shoe brand. Longtime athletic shoe makers Asics aren’t shoobies when it comes to indigo applications, but their new Gel Sight Selvedge Denim Running Shoes feature some crazy detailing and enough denim to make any jean enthusiast smile.

Asics cut no corners when applying this fabric to the design of the shoe, and all the toe caps, stripes, and tongue detailing have remained intact. They even used the denim’s weft side to cap the heels, with contrasting off-white rubber soles and some pops of red. The best part is that they were even able to keep the selvedge detailing intact, sneakily cut into the signature Asics stripes without over-killing it. And for that, we applaud them.

Available for $143 at Atmos Tokyo.