Dyneema Denim Trailblazers Video – Single Layer Abrasion Resistant Denim

Motorcyclists rejoice. Last week, we looped you in on the launch of Dyneema® Denim, a potentially game changing new player in the world of denim for motorcyclists. The fiber, which attests to being “fifteen times stronger than steel and lighter than water,” has long been used in a wide range of industrial, medical, safety, performance sport, and other high-stakes situations.

It’s just now being spun into denim, to provide a whole new level of safety and comfort (and, let’s be real, style) to motorcyclists around the world. We’re interested to see how Dyneema Denim is accepted in the moto/denim scene, a complex community deeply rooted in tradition, raw materials, and style.

If you want to dig a little deeper as this story unfolds, check out the brand’s new short doc/long vid ‘TRAILBLAZERS: The Quest for Protective Single-Layer Motorcycle Denim.’