Schott x 3sixteen Perfecto Leather Jackets

Smooth like butter. Generally, kind of a weird way to describe articles of clothing, but looking at the new Schott x 3sixteen Perfecto Leather Jackets, that’s exactly what comes to mind. This moto is based on Irving Schott’s classic Perfecto fit from way back in 1928, updated with narrower arms and a slightly longer body.

The aforementioned metaphorically edible leather is naked cowhide, which isn’t finished, and has open pores to soak in the light (for the intensely dense black) and the environment, for a quick wear-in process. 3sixteen steps in with the Japanese selvedge chambray lining, which balances out the leather and makes for more comfortable year-round wear, and is showcased with a busted seam up the back.

Josh Warner of Good Art HLYWD completes the talent trifecta with custom, hand-crafted snap buttons made with oxidized .925 sterling silver.

Only 100 of the jackets were made and they’re running out quick. Head over to Self Edge, Rivet & Hide, and Snake Oil Provisions for more details.