Rancourt Horween Chromexcel Camden Derby Shoes

When looking at pricier footwear, there are many characteristics one measures against to find their perfect pair. Does it handle the snow? How many seasons can I wear it? Can I wear it with a suit? More importantly, can I wear it with jeans? For those who are measuring by pure versatility, look no further than the Camden Derby from Rancourt.

This unassuming plain toe blucher checks a lot of boxes. It’s Horween Chromexcel upper will age gracefully. The Vibram 430 mini-lug sole means it will handle itself in a variety of weather and terrain. The simple plain toe design (despite being a little long in the front quarter) means you can dress it from the casual to semi-formal. And the Blake welt construction (the slightly less waterproof cousin of the Goodyear) means it will be recraftable for years to come.

This sleek Swiss army of a shoe can be yours for $365 at Rancourt.