Nihon Menpu Mills x Kinoko Indigo-Dyed Socks

Though many a clever, colorful, and/or comfy sock has hit the market in the last few years, this category of appendage-warmer has yet to receive the level of care and attention that so many other types of apparel and footwear are #blessed with. These natural dyed indigo socks from Nihon Menpu are changing that story.

As Kinoko founder Max Lewis tells Heddels, he discovered when visiting Okayama last year, and he was so inspired that he commissioned a custom run for his London-based (and, lucky you, online) store. Nihon Menpu is more well known for producing premium denim used by the likes of Rogue Territory, but they’ve spared no expense here, either.

These 100% cotton socks are made with California-grown cotton, which is then spun, dyed, and knit in Japan using Okayama’s locally grown indigo. The result is a rich, nuanced hue that will fade with time like your other treasured blue clothes.

Available from the Kinoko site in a mid-height with a marled toe for £22.00, or a low height with a white toe for £19.00.