Samurai Stays True To Its Heavyweight Traditions With Its Indigo Dyed V-Gusset T-Shirt

A heavyweight t-shirt sounds like a special kind of claustrophobic in the middle of July, but all months aren’t July and this Heavyweight Indigo-Dyed V-Gusset T-Shirt from Samurai Jeans could absolutely get some run around during less muggy, less fraught times. 

Think “mushroom in Super Mario but if it was a blue t-shirt,” this power-up was made in Japan from heavyweight cotton fabric—rope-dyed because Samurai cares about the little things—and features a ribbed crew neckline, heavy-gauge contrast-colored stitching, and a slim fit, so size up if you want a little room. 

Is $185 a lot for a t-shirt? I’ve talked about $155 totes, so it’s all relative, I guess. I’ve watched people spend more at the bar on accident, so there’s a nugget you can use if you’re searching for justification. And I can also say it’s a good piece that should age beautifully for years to come. 

Available for $185 at Blue in Green