Iron Heart IH-717 Khaki 9oz. Selvedge Mercerised Cotton Chinos

Last summer we put out a Five Plus One article on Selvedge Khaki Chinos, offering up some of what we believed to be the top tier pieces falling into that category. One brand that didn’t make that list is Iron Heart. But almost a year and a half later, they’ve put out a piece easily worthy of a spot in the group. The “Pride of Japan” just dropped their new IH-717 Khaki 9oz. Selvedge Mercerised Cotton Chinos, so get ’em while they’re hot.

Fans of the brand know that it isn’t uncommon to see Iron Heart regularly produce jeans in the 20+ oz. weight range, so to see a release with a single digit oz. weight may be downright shocking. As the name implies, the 100% cotton fabric is mercerised – a treatment process that strengthens and adds luster to threads. They feature a Talon zipper and standard four pocket setup, with and IH woven label on the rear waistband. The raw chino fabric is unwashed, so expect at least an inch of shrinkage throughout. What you see is what you get–a simple and straight forward pair of chinos that were built to last and get better with age. Who said jeans get to have all the fun anyways?

Available for $325 at Iron Heart.