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Studio D’artisan 7439 Denim Tissue Cover

Winter might be weighing you down with the sickness. And if you’ve got mad sniffles right now, but don’t want to use your collection of trunk-down Elephant bandannas to blow your shnoz, what are you to do? The next logical step is a box of tissues. What’s that, you say? Not workwear enough for you? Well, you might be able to guess where this article is headed.

Studio D’artisan will wipe away your bogeys with their set of heritage tissue covers. Yup, whether it’s denim, navy canvas, or duck canvas, SDA has got your tissue issues remedied. You’d better get to it quick, though – the raw denim version is already sold out.

Give your tissue box the upgrade you never knew it needed for just $10 at Denimio.