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Naked & Famous Red, White, & Blue Twisted Weft Selvedge Jeans

Naked & Famous infuses their latest jeans with a little bit of the patriotism, assuming you’re from one of the 29 nations that raise a red, white, and blue flag. It weaves the usual indigo dyed warp threads, with a weft that’s twisted with red, white, and blue threads. The denim itself weighs in at a fairly breezy 12.5oz., which should be a solid weight for most of the year. And if you start fading them now, when Fourth of July comes around, you can enter that backyard barbecue sporting some patriotic fades. Never mind that these are made in Canada.

Branded N&F hardware, red leather patch, and exposed selvedge bring it all together, and it comes in both their Weird Guy and Super Skinny Guy fits.

Available for $180 at Blue Owl Workshop.