Beams Plus Madras Crazy Button Down Shirt

Beams Plus has always been great at repackaging American styles and selling it back to us. Take their Madras Crazy Button Down Shirt. Made with Indian madras fabric, it will bleed just like vintage madras of  the Ivy heyday. So, like raw denim, it will change with time and wear. Each panel is cut with a contrasting madras fabric, so it’s a little more interesting than your average plaid shirt and, if you’re caught in the illusion of choice and can’t decide on just one plaid, this one lets you have it all.

Wear it with some military chinos and penny loafers if you want to conjure up some solid trad vibes, or slip on some shorts if it’s just too hot out for some raw denim. But be reminded, Indonesia is hot as all heck and they still wear 22oz. denim.

Made in Japan, available for $114 at Unionmade.