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Joe Mccoy 8HU 10.5oz. Denim Overalls

If you work an eight hour day, thank a union labor activist from a hundred years ago. If you wear a Real McCoy’s set of 8 Hour Union Denim Overalls, thank a Japanese obsession with union laborers from a hundred years ago.

The Osaka-based brand takes the perfection of clothing repros to the absolute extreme, oftentimes reproducing the imperfections in classic vintage garments. Their 8 Hour Union line turns their gaze on work clothes from the 30s and 40s (think Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times). This set of overalls is made from a lighter weight 10.5oz. denim and is all set for you to put in your eight at the factory, even though it would take more like 64 to afford the price tag.

Button up this pair for $398 at Superdenim.