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Momotaro’s Indigo Peach Jacquard Aloha Shirt Looks Like an Ocean of Butts

I think emojis have ruined me. I can’t see a juicy, delicious peach without thinking of butts. It’s not my fault, it’s society’s!

So you can’t hold it against me when my mind goes straight to the gutter whenever I see Momotaro’s new Indigo Peach Jacquard Aloha Shirt. Believe me, I know there are much more important elements at play here like the retro-style open collar and wood buttons. I know that Momotaro’s name comes from the Japanese myth of Momotaro, the boy who came from the peach. And I know that this shirt is a mighty fine example of the company’s excellent craftsmanship.

But damn it, the print looks like an ocean swimming with butts. The fabric shows off the booty — er, fruity — print with Momotaro’s classic “peach” logo floating in a traditional Japanese wave design. And don’t forget, this one’s made with indigo so expect it to fade and crack – I mean, crock.

Purchase this perky shirt for $175 at Blue Owl.