H.W. Dog’s Latest Cycling Cap Uses Vintage Army Tent Fabric

Any serious cyclist will readily explain the importance of their gear’s skin-tight performance fabric and how it pertains to the ability to ride at optimum performance. If you happen to be a rider who enjoys the sport but not at the expense of your stylistic integrity, The H.W. Dog & Co.‘s latest Cycling Cap may be the piece you were looking for.

Each cap is meticulously constructed from vintage 100% cotton US Army Tent Fabric dating back to the 1980s, so you know it will withstand whatever mother nature can throw at it. In true bicycle hat style, it comes fitted with a non-structured cloth body. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be on a bike to rock this headpiece, but it could make for some interesting roadside conversation if you ever come across any retired vets who recognize the fabric.

Available for $122 at Superdenim.