Pure Blue Japan Brings Beige into the Mix with the PBE-019 Pop-Up Beige Selvedge Jeans

Those that enjoy a nod to a vintage aesthetic without dedicating every waking moment to dressing like they just stepped out of a 1934 Sears Roebuck catalogue should take note of Pure Blue Japan’s latest jean.

The PBE-019 employs one of the most common contemporary fits — some room up top but relatively slim thereafter, with a full taper down to a very small leg opening — but things get uncommon from there on. The heavier-weight 17.5oz. shuttle loomed denim features an indigo rope-dyed beige yarn warp and natural weft, which gives this contemporary cut vintage-looking fades.

To offer a headache-free break-in process, these come once-washed, removing the need to fiddle with soaks for shrinkage. And hey, less fiddling means more time to tracking down sweet vintage tees!

Available for ~$340USD at North American Quality Purveyors.