100% Wool Blankets – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Whether you’re sitting in front of the fire to avoid the cold, going on an afternoon picnic, or just looking to spruce up your dwelling with a new accessory, nothing can beat the simplicity of a wool blanket. They’re durable, warm, and look great, and with so many companies producing them these days, you’ll definitely be able to find one within your budget.

1) Dehen x Tanner Goods: Stadium Knit Throw Blanket


First up is the Stadium Knit Throw Blanket produced as a collaboration between Dehen Knitting Co. and Tanner Goods. This blanket is made in the USA using Dehen’s collection of vintage sewing machines, and features unique blue/grey striped patterns. It’s made using a 100% wool fabric, which is sure to keep you warm as the weather cools down. This model is a throw blanket, so although it would be less than suitable for use on your bed, it would certainly make a great companion as you relax on the couch or in front of the fire.

Available for $225 from Tanner Goods.

2) Pendleton: Eco-Wise Wool Blanket


Pendleton has been producing some of the best wool products for over a hundred years, and their Eco-Wise Wool Blankets are just a fraction of their total offerings. Not only are these blankets aesthetically pleasing and of great quality, but they’re actually machine washable. Most wool blankets require dry cleaning, which is bad for the environment, expensive, and a hassle. There’s no need to worry about that with Pendleton’s Eco-Wise line, however, and they come in a ton of patterns and a range of sizes. If you aren’t looking to drop a ton of money on a Pendleton blanket, then whip out the sewing machine and buy some blanket headers. These scraps are 6″-12″ wide and 5′-6′ long, perfect to sew into your own custom Pendleton blanket, and at a fraction of the price.

Available for $139-239 from Pendleton.

3) Filson: Mackinaw Blanket


Filson’s Mackinaw Blanket is hefty:  at 35oz. fabric and  72″ x 90″, this blanket comes in at a whopping five-and-a-half pounds, and that’s just what we like about it. Each blanket is made from 100% virgin wool, right here in the USA, and its serged edges and classic design scheme mean it will be looking spiffy for years to come. While some might scoff at paying so much for a wool blanket, keep this in mind:  it might just be the last throw you ever purchase. Or not, because once you get a high quality wool blanket try to keep yourself from getting another.

Available for €335 from Filson Europe.

4) Faribault Mill: Cabin Wool Blanket


Faribault Mill is another brand that has been producing wool products for well over a century, and that fact shows as soon as your get your hands on one of their blankets. They come in a range of colorways and sizes, and all of them are made of 100% merino wool and are machine washable. Each blanket has finished edges to ensure no fraying will occur, and that means your blanket should be around for years to come.

Available for $200-330 from Faribault.

5) Indigofera: Norwegian Wool Blanket


Indigofera’s Norwegian Wool Blankets are produced by traditional, family owned factories using 100% Norwegian wool, and the attention to detail shows. They come with a range of patterns, from the simple stripes of the linked blanket to incredibly intricate pictures that are dyed into the blankets. While we’re more partial to the simple patterns that will go with anything, it is great to see a company producing such unique products.

Available for $300 from Manready Mercantile.

Plus One – Mountain Research: 1/2 Horse Blanket


Many of us like throwing a blanket over our shoulders when it is cold out, and Mountain Research’s 1/2 Horse Blanket takes this to the next level with their buckle-fastened poncho blanket. While a bit smaller than traditional throw blankets, this style is still substantial enough to keep you substantially warm. Each model is made in Japan from 100% wool and veg-tanned leather, which will certainly get better with age.

Available for £335 from Couverture & the Garbstore.