Short Sleeved Polos – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

If you’re looking to kick start your Spring wardrobe there is no better way than with a nice, short sleeve polo shirt. While they might not be the most exciting clothing category, some top tier brands have invested heavily in this style. Join us as we explore some of the most compelling option available this season.

1) Parages: Lucien Polo – Peach

Parages’ Lucien Polo does an excellent job of adding a bit of texture without overwhelming the classic, polo style. Featuring a wide rib at the hem and narrower, matching ribbing at the arm openings and pocket, Parages has managed to fit a lot of visual interest into a very subtle shirt. Finished in a light pink color way, this shirt may just become your favorite new basic.

Available for $132 from Wallace Mercantile.

2) GRP: Diamond Knit Polo in Indigo & Orange

If you’re interested in something a bit flashier then GRP’s Diamond Knit Polo is a solid choice. Not only is the diamond pattern a lot of fun, but the use of a 60%/40% cotton/linen blend will insure this polo is both comfortable and breathable. Made in Italy and finished with contrasting ribbing throughout, it’s easy to see how wy this elevated polo is such a standout this season.

Available for $218 from Vestis.

3) 3sixteen: Knit Polo Natural Marled Yarn

3sixteen consistently comes out with interesting new pieces, and their Knit Polo in Natural Marled Yarn is no different. Made to match vintage polo shirts, this piece features a no button placket to set it apart from the pack. The marled yarn gives this piece both a great texture and color, resulting in the kind of summer shirt you wish you could wear everyday.

Available for $220 from Tendrel.

4) Knickerbocker: Yuma Polo

If you’re a fan of lightweight knitwear then Knickerbocker’s Yuma Polo should be on your shortlist. It’s another buttonless placket polo, but the airy knit and contrasting ribbing really differentiates this polo from 3sixteen’s version. Made from a 100% cotton fabric, this shirt is the perfect way to add something a bit different to your warm weather rotation.

Available for $215 from Stag Provisions.

5) Engineered Garments: Polo Shirt CP Velour

While velour might not be the most traditional fabric for a polo shirt, Engineered Garments’ Polo Shirt CP Velour is certainly a fun interpretation. This oversized polo comes in a deep green hue that works well with the fabric’s texture. Featuring no contrasting ribbing, all of this polo’s texture comes from the natural variation of the fabric. While probably not the kind of shirt you’ll find yourself wearing everyday, it’s an amazing piece for any collection.

Available for $288 from Blue in Green.

Plus One – BEAMS+: Half-Zip Fleece Polo

Last but not least is Beams+ Half Zip Fleece Polo, which is one of the more unique polos we’ve ever seen. Beyond the obvious choice to use a zipper for the placket closure, this polo also features multiple types of ribbing, a dark outline at the pocket and collar, and a cotton fabric with tons of variation in terms of both color and texture. While I can’t say I see myself swapping such a polo out for all of my basics, having such a piece in a shirt rotation adds a ton of fun new possibilities.

Available for $159 from Stag Provisions.