Sugar Cane Drops New Sub-Label ‘Denim Collectables’ with Vintage Oracle, Shigeki Wakita

Simplicity and scarcity. If we were to boil down people’s infatuation with vintage denim, this combo might sum things up pretty neatly. But even within this niche world, there are subsections that bear further distinction. You know, the cream of the crop. Of course, we are talking about war-time models. When classics like the Levi’s 501 jean and 506 jacket were stripped of frivolous details for ration’s sake, leaving wearers and future collectors with the archetype of the modern-day 5-pocket jean and jean jacket in its purest form.

Over the years we have documented our fair share of reproductions of these wearable time stamps with the industry pushing the dedication to forever more faithful levels. However, it seems Sugar Cane has found a new way to edge out the competition. To create their new sub-label, ‘Denim Collectables‘, Sugar Cane has teamed up with renowned OG denim collector Shigeki Wakita – an expert in the field who has helped the brand translate his decades of expertise into a Canadian tux almost indiscernible from the real deal back in ’46.

Specially woven by Nihon Menpu Mill to create a likeness to the original deadstock fabrics seen in Wakita’s personal collection, the ‘Denim Collectibles’ SC19007 1946 Denim Jacket and Jeans have all the ration-time details that denim nerds would expect from a post-WWII set, from the 4 button placket and flapless pocket on the jacket to the lack of embroidered arcuates on the jeans. Closed out by perfectly imperfect stitching throughout – even if you try to only buy, wear, and collect original examples of stuff, let this be your sign to break the rule and see what the fuss is all about.

Available from $670 from Clutch Cafe.