Channel Your Inner Einstein with Old Joe Brand’s Patina Deerskin Cossak Jacket

When you think of leather jackets you might think of Mr. Brando and the ripples that The Wild One had – and continue to have — on fashion and pop culture. This is all well and good but decades before any motorcycles came to town, Einstein and his generation were rocking leather jackets in and out of the classroom as part of their work ensembles, and even as part of their Sunday best. A second skin that could pinch hit, no matter what the situation – and one that only got better as time went on. We’re talking about the Cossack Jacket.

Old Joe Brand captures this sartorial essence with their Patina Deerskin Cossack Jacket in either Black or Cognac. Modeled after the 30s silhouette that took popular culture by storm, this Japanese remake features a small shawl collar, button-up front, and curved welt pockets. Adjustable waist cinches and a buttery lining to ensure a secure, comfortable fit close things out. A sight for sore eyes off the rip, the true charm of this jacket will come with years of wear – when the leather will age and mold to your habitual movements.

Available for $1818 from Hinoya.