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Fade of the Day – Trust Denim Sherwood Jacket (5 Months, 1 Wash)

We’ve seen the Indonesian sun quickly carve up a lot of denim in the past few years, but when this Trust Denim Sherwood Jacket popped up in our inbox, we were assured that subtle fades are possible to achieve in Southeast Asia. Coming to us from Haikal Attamimi of Indonesia, this jacket’s been worn for five months, and is only just beginning to earn its stripes.

Haikal tells us he wears this denim jacket every day while riding his motorcycle around the city. Aside from the elbow honeycombs, which have established themselves nicely, the rest of the jacket is holding on tight to its indigo dye, with some subtly faded whisps here and there. But this jacket is only just getting started, and if our past submissions from Indonesia are anything to go by, there’s only one destiny for Haikal’s denim.