Red Cloud’s RC 4701ZF-VW Might Be the Coolest Ladies Selvedge Out

The Red Cloud RC 4701ZF-VW High-Waist Regular Ladies F-Series Selvedge Denim Jeans in Vintage-Wash are some of the coolest jeans marketed to women that we’ve ever seen. Making jeans look naturally vintage and worn can be a tricky business, luckily these look natural and effortlessly cool, and that’s exactly what you want from a pair of jeans.

These roomy, high-waist, straight-leg 5-pocket jeans feature a masterfully faded 100% cotton 13.5oz. selvedge denim, a cloth patch in lieu of leather, zipper fly, chainstitched waistband and side seams, bartack reinforced seams, faded red tab, contrasting patching throughout, stains, darning detail, fraying holes, etc. These ain’t your department store pre-distressed jawns – they feature all the trappings of the beautiful vintage denim that underpins our niche.

In terms of fit, these jeans appear to be informed by 50s cuts worn by the likes of Monroe. They genuinely look like an heirloom piece that was unearthed from a denim-laden vintage workwear cave from the mid-century… and that’s exactly what the ladies want, am I wrong?

Available for $380 from Red Cloud.