Kamikaze Attack “Fat Selvedge” Jeans

If you’ve ever fallen down a raw denim rabbit hole on reddit, you may be well-versed in the “should I get these tapered” question. What follows is a long discussion about finding a tailor that culminates in a warning, “don’t taper on the outseam!”

It seems the pros at Kamikaze Attack have a different philosophy, turning a straight cut into a slim-tapered pair of jeans known as The Fat Selvedge jeans. By tapering these 12.5oz. jeans on the outseam, they’ve made a new selvedge edge that can only be referred to as… fat.  But this taper has given the jeans all the perks of a straight-cut (high rise and roomy top block) with some newly slim-tapered legs. They also feature a back cinch for a bit of repro authenticity and Kamikaze’s signature “tissue box” coin pocket.

Hang up that phone, you won’t need the local tailor for this one. These lightweight, red-line selvedge jeans are already tapered to perfection.

Available for $180 at Okayama Denim.