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Epaulet Releases a Series of Melancholic Turtleneck Sweaters

As an England-native, I can safely the U.K. is not somewhere you’d visit for the weather. It gets pretty darn cold and miserable over here in the winter months, so the New York outfitters, Epaulet, were right to seek out some British-made wool for their Wool Donegal Fisherman Sweaters, which are guaranteed to take the sting out of those Baltic winter mornings.

These turtleneck sweaters come in two melancholic colorways — ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘Overcast Sky’ — both of which feature Donegal flecked yarns throughout, rendered in rich contrasting colors. With a relatively open knit, the wool is still thick enough to keep you warm if worn alone, while allowing some breathing room if you’re layering up.

Each garment is made in the U.K from 100% wool, with super-comfortable raglan construction and a machine-reinforced turtleneck to protect ya neck.

Available from Epaulet for $285.