Kiriko’s Vintage-Inspired Modern Noragis Waste No Fabric

Falling in love with a tattered 100-year-old Noragi, the fabric-focused folks from Portland’s Kiriko enlisted their like-minded friends from Los Angeles’ Prospective Flow to breathe fresh air into a piece on its last leg. From an era when materials were far more precious, the OG design (seen in the second slide above) was driven by scarcity; from the sleeves to the body, everything was measured and cut efficiently so no fabric went wasted.

The same holds true for the Modern Noragi, but considering that the sequel is being released 100 years after the original, you’d be right to assume that there’d be an update or two. Side pockets have been added for man’s best friend (move over canines, it’s now the mobile phone), in addition to traditional Kohaze fasteners at the cuff. Why weren’t Kohaze present on the original piece? Because you needed permission from your feudal lord to wear them outside, that’s why.

The patterned indigo fabric on each variant is sourced from Japan — that is Kiriko’s specialty after all — while the linen-cotton blend fabric is sourced from the USA, where the assembly of each piece happens as well.

Available for $169 in navy, natural, and ice blue at Kiriko. No feudal lord permission required.