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Naked & Famous Introduces the Groovy Guy, You Guessed It, a Bootcut Jean

I’ve been assailed with bootcuts lately. People have been asking me about where to get ’em, a guy in flared Wranglers nearly knocked me over on La Brea, and now Naked and Famous went and reanimated this thing further with their latest offering, the Groovy Guy.

Cashing in on this collective subconscious urge to expand our jeans’ leg openings, Naked and Famous’ latest features that quintessential bootcut look:  the high rise, slim thighs, and big ol’ hem. The ever-quirky Canadian brand reigned things in a little with a conservative 13.75oz. left hand twill denim, finished with a white line selvedge. Made in Canada from Japanese fabric, these jeans will soften up nicely over time and feature vertical striation when the fades start coming along.

If your ankles have been feeling claustrophobic, or if you just wanna buck the slim-taper trend, give these jeans a look-see at Tate and Yoko, where they can be had for $145.