Inception by Accel Co. Dropped a Trio of “Funky” Horsebutt Shoulder Bags.


Tea-core variants



It’s never a bad time to add another daily shoulder bag to your EDC arsenal, and the Inception by Accel Co. Horsebutt “Funky” Shoulder Bag is among the finest options we’ve seen in some time. That’s assuming you like rugged, functional, stylish, completely handmade bags from some of the world’s nicest leather options available.

The Funky bags do all the work of accenting your already impressive Japanese-made wardrobe, you just need to stuff it with your precious possessions: iPhone, keys, wallet, notebook, gummy bears, etc. Everything you need to take out on a day trip or visit to the cafe will fit in one of these.

Handmade by the pro leather crafting team at Inception by Accel Co., the Funky bags aren’t really funky at all, they’re clean as hell. They’re available in three premium horsehide leathers, including black and brown tea-core and a chocolate brown-tanned, all guaranteed to age like a fine wine. Each colorway would pair nicely with any tea-core boots and belts you might have in your arsenal, too.

The bags feature a large compartment enclosed with a Talon brass zipper, hidden tool compartment, hidden cards compartment (you could leave your wallet at home), an adjustable shoulder strap, brass hardware throughout, leather zipper-pulls, reinforcing stitching throughout, and a removable keychain.

Available for $404 from Corlection.