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Studio D’artisan’s Latest Shirts Combine Pineapples, Coconuts, and, of Course, Mud

Summertime is nigh and you’d best believe that Hawaiian shirts and a nice fruity beverage of the adult variety are on our minds. What’s that, you say? Why not combine the two? Studio D’artisan is way ahead of you with their Amami Dorozome Open Shirts.

The shirts blend pineapples, coconuts, and mud—the traditional ingredients for a piña colada—to make for a saccharine set of shirts that will have you re-thinking what a Hawaiian shirt can be. They achieve their rich brown color by way of dorozome, a labor-intensive and millennia-old mud-dyeing technique specific to the small Japanese island of Amami Oshima. Zoom in and you’ll see the intricate jacquard fabric that reveals a subtle pineapple pattern. And, should you want to close up one of these open shirts, you’d be doing so with natural coconut shell buttons. They may not be the brightest Hawaiian shirts on the island, but they are some of the sweetest.

Available in a light version and a dark version for $285 at Blue In Green.