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Tossijn’s Tote Bag Uses Japanese Selvedge Denim and Wastes None of It

The simpler a piece is, the more I tend to scrutinize it, and that’s exactly the way Tossijn approaches designing their products like their Tote Bag. There’s no shortage of tote bags out there—whether they’re given away at your local grocery store or you’re charged a month’s worth of groceries just for one—but the iterations of this daily necessity are innumerable.

Traditionally a minimal design, the tote has somehow been pared back even more, making it discreetly discrete. By using the full width of the fabric—an all-cotton black selvedge twill from Japan—the bag wastes no fabric in the making. On top of that, each bag is made to order, cutting down even more on excess fabric. And because no tote would be complete without handles, this one features straps for shouldering as well as for hand-holding when you’ve got no significant other to do so with.

Available for €140 (~$165USD) at Tossijn.